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Hi my name is Abra, I am the creator of LOLA the Photo Booth. I have always loved photo booths and still do! I also love all things vintage. Lola is where vintage meets high-tech. LOLA and I started out in 2008. She was hand built by some brainiacs for her insides and her outsides where a creation between my step father husband and myself. Together she became LOLA.



Why Lola?

LOLA the Photo Booth brings out the party, she helps folks to loosen up and have a good time.

We are committed to give you satisfaction with our high tech photo booth system and classy vintage style. We know that your event is special to you whether it be a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, corporate event, holiday party, bar or bat mitzvah. We are here to help you have a fantastic fun filled day with images to take home

"LOLA the Photo Booth is FABULOUS! We had LOLA the Photo Booth at MPI (Meeting Professional International) Cascadia Educational Conference Gala Dinner! Abra was a superb professional to work with: Delivered the photo booth on-time-well in advance, was very thorough! Also: her props alongside the booth were FABULOUS!I strongly recommend her for any event or party where you want a FUN, quality photo booth! If you want a successful, unique FUN party or event, get Lola the Photo Booth ASAP! Seriously!"


"LOLA was such an amazing addition to our wedding this past Sept. 2010. The main thing we were looking for when booking a photo booth was to have a true photo booth experience. Not just a backdrop and camera.

"Abra and LOLA offer a true photo booth experience and that was so much fun for all of our guests. There were guests in LOLA from the moment she was set up to the time she was taken down. We had an amazing photography team for more traditional photos, but LOLA  added those wacky candids only a photo booth can offer.

"LOLA also offered so much entertainment for the guests. Abra was awesome. She is very professional and also very sweet and attentive to all the guests. LOLA is a super addition to any event and such a great value. We are so pleased we had LOLA at our wedding. It was one of the best choices we made".


"LOLA made our wedding even more fabulous! The little kids loved her, as well as the 'bigger' kids, there were a lot of family shots, and group shots also. Our reception took place in a tent where the pictures were projected onto the ceiling as they were being taken, that was awesome!

"Working with Abra was great, she was flexible and easy to work with. She showed up the next day to hand deliver our album, and a usb with all the photos, both still bring me so many smiles. My dad originally thought I was ridiculous to have a photo booth, but even he thought it was well worth it in the end!"



"Having LOLA the photo booth at our wedding was wonderful!

"LOLA provided a unique experience for our guests by giving them a photograph "favor" to take home and something fun to do. From taking the photos to putting them into a scrapbook, LOLA was never empty as guests lined up time after time to take photos. Not to mention the super-fun option of the costume box, where guests could choose hats, scarves and glasses to add to the fun! Children and adults alike were laughing and playing as they took photos in LOLA.

"And then when the wedding was over, we were left with a wonderful album full of all the shots of our friends and family having a blast! Also, guests were given the password to LOLA's website where they could see the whole collection for themselves, and having the flashdrive with all the photos means we can print them anytime!

"Working with Abra was so much fun; she was very accommodating as far as timing, set-up and logistics. LOLA made our wedding that much more special and I am so glad we made the decision to have her there."

"Thanks to LOLA!"



"I really wanted to do a unique Guest book for my wedding that got the guest involved and put a special touch on the book when we looked back at it. A friend suggested a photo booth, and I found Abra Faraon who owns LOLA. She made the whole experience so easy and was always quick to respond by phone or email."

"During my wedding day they set everything up quickly and even stayed later then we had scheduled because everyone was having such a great time. Abra gave us a USB of all photos of the night and as soon as we got home we looked through all of them and put together our guest book.

Truly a wonderful experience. Thanks LOLA!"


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