Essential Package - $695


This package includes:


- 3 hours of unlimited B/W or color.

- Your choice of a black, or gold art deco curtain(please circle color of curtain).

- A video monitor on the side of the booth so everyone can see the photos inside the booth being taken

- A technician to set up run and break down the booth

- A flash drive with all the pictures from the event handed to you at events end. Pictures can be reprinted, uploaded, shared on social media sites etc.

Add Ons...

Deluxe photo layouts - $40

We can print your event logo and or information on the front of the photo. You just provide us with a jpeg or working photo shop file of the image,text etc and  we will put it together for you. You can choose between a variety of layouts. Please contact us and we will send you our options


Dynamic Private Website - $75

We will put all your pictures online after the event, posted within a few days of the event. You get a private event password so only you and your guests can access the photos. This gives you the ability to view and reprint your photos as often as you like.


Projector - $50

Lola can project images from the booth onto a ceiling tent,wall etc.


Booth Customization - $40

We can create a custom greeting screen for you inside of the booth. Guests will see this message once they enter the booth just prior to having their photo taken


Scrapbook Album - $125

This service is a big hit at weddings. We can print an extra set of strips, which guests can place into an album with a personal note. We provide all the paper pens stickers etc.


Costume Box - $50

We love costumes!!! We have mustaches on a stick, lips, mask, vintage hats etc.


Extra Prints - $50

Extra prints – this feature will print out a second copy of each strip.


Additional Hours

Each additional hour of photo booth operation is $100.00.

$100 x (number of extra hours)


Travel Fee

If you do not see your town listed please contact us about travel fees. We charge $1.00 a mile


Idle Time

Idle time is $25.00 per hour. Idle time is when you want the booth up but not running



Accessibility for the photo booth delivery will be available 2 hours before the event. There will be no obstacles making the delivery and setup unachievable. Client will provide a standard 120v electrical outlet (3 prong) for LOLA the Photo Booth.


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